Blue Beach 2022

2022 was marked by the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic, the senseless war in Ukraine and the ensuing massive upheaval on the energy markets, as well as another extremely hot year in Europe. This year, society as a whole was faced with the realisation that climate change and dependence on fossil fuel imports leave no room for any shortcomings in the expansion of renewable energies.

For the Renewable Energies Hamburg (REH) Cluster Agency, the year was characterised by various aspects: the adoption and implementation of a new cluster strategy, a significant growth in membership and the further development of the new “hydrogen economy” cluster segment.

At the beginning of the year, the general meeting unanimously voted to adopt the comprehensive REH 2025 cluster strategy. This was developed during the pandemic using a fully digital process involving a large number of representatives from member companies and universities. This strategy is now the guiding principle for all actions and activities within the REH Cluster Agency.

We started implementing the strategy immediately after – and in some cases during – the strategy process. The new Wind, International and Sector Coupling Forums were launched. A number of highly successful digital and analogue events and workshops were held covering all the strategic themes. The office team doubled in size.

In the new “hydrogen economy” segment, a network of companies and universities was created that jointly analyses and develops this new value chain. This segment dealt intensively with the as yet incomplete and partially unsuitable regulations in Germany and the EU, which need to be adapted for a market ramp-up.

We are delighted that our total membership increased to around 240 in 2021 and 2022. About 50 new members joined the new “hydrogen economy” segment in particular, as well as the sector coupling, heat pump and solar energy segments. 

All in all, 2022 was a year of content-related development and transformation for REH, the significant expansion of our cluster service and highly satisfactory increase in membership. We are, of course, delighted with this and hope to implement each Strategy 2025 step together with you, our members!


Jan Rispens, Managing Director REH GmbH

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