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Blog, podcast and LinkedIn – the coronavirus pandemic made it abundantly clear that media channels are now indispensable for the Cluster Agency’s business. The REH Cluster Agency once again broke coverage records in 2022 and published its news beyond the borders of the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg.

Blog: background stories about Hamburg’s energy transition

Be it the new “From Hamburg to the world” series featuring international projects and cooperations or ‘Inside the energy transition – an exciting but unagitated energy talk’ about current, controversial energy topics of public interest, posts about hydrogen projects or global relationships and cooperations – the REH Blog covered the entire range of REH Cluster Agency topics in its around 90 posts. As well as many interviews and reports by Cluster Agency members, the portfolio also included guest articles. “Together we can build the European Green Power Plant in the North Sea” by Energy Cluster Denmark, a report on the Esbjerg Declaration, was the most widely read, with around 5,000 views. Followed in second place by “Latest Renewable Energy Act Amendment: a boost for renewable energies?”, an assessment by REH Managing Director, Jan Rispens, with 4,800 views. Third place went to “Hamburg is simply the ultimate German offshore capital”, an interview with the Managing Director of The German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, Carina Würz, with 4,076 views.

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‘New energy from Hamburg’ podcast

The threat of climate change, Norddeutsches RealLabor and cumbersome hydrogen regulations – the seven episodes of the REH podcast, ‘New Energy from Hamburg’ covered a huge range of topics. While the winner of the Lifetime Achievement category in the German Renewables Awards 2022, Prof Daniela Jacob, GERICS, referred to the urgency of the fight against climate change, the Bundestag Member, Andreas Rimkus, SPD, highlighted the need to amend the European Union’s Delegated Act for the successful development of a hydrogen economy. Alexander Ohff, TÜV Nord, explained how today’s offshore wind farms are digitally maintained. 19 podcast episodes are now available online.

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REH films

“Hamburg Hydrogen City 2030” and “Offshore wind – from Hamburg to the wider world” – the REH Cluster Agency produced two animated films on core areas of the cluster’s work in 2022. While the hydrogen film illustrated how offshore power is converted into hydrogen and subsequently used for industry and transport, the offshore film demonstrated that Hamburg is a major development location for national and international offshore wind projects. Offshore farms are now being built around the world, for example in Japan, Taiwan and the US.

Social media: LinkedIn records

The REH LinkedIn page gained 3,000 new followers in 2022, reaching approx. 7,500 by the end of the year. This allowed the Cluster Agency to establish close contacts with several federal associations and significantly increase its national visibility. Its mainly German language posts received around 500,000 views.  An interview with Silke Frank, Vice President of The German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association (DWV)was by far the most popular, receiving almost 10,500 views. Congratulations!

Traditional media

In addition to adverts in “Erneuerbare Energien” and “Welt am Sonntag”, an interview with Jan Rispens regarding his assessment of hydrogen regulation in “DIE ZEIT” newspaper also created visibility in both specialist and general media.  

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