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Hydrogen community: from salt caverns to renewable timber resources

After having had to conduct events virtually during the first half of the year due to the pandemic, the face-to-face meetings from June onwards involving lively discussions and networking opportunities were extremely popular. In September, participants enthusiastically debated “Types of storage for hydrogen”. They highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of ammonia, LOHC and LH2.  Their conclusion: a combination of different options will be required, as the application ultimately dictates the most sensible form of storage. 

In October, we engaged in a remarkable cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Coordination Office for the Hydrogen Economy, namely a “Special Forum” on the significance of CO2 in a renewable energy system.

Hydrogen Forum

The Hydrogen Forum met a total of seven times in 2022, including five meetings to discuss hydrogen projects and two covering technology. In September, the Hydrogen Projects Forum embarked on its first ever tour, in order to view a live project at APEX Energy’s hydrogen hub in Rostock-Laage. Thanks to the positive feedback, we aim to continue this new format next year.

Topics discussed at the other meetings:

Certification of green hydrogen

Differences in refuelling for eMobility and hydrogen

Storage and compression of hydrogen based on metal hydrides

Offshore hydrogen

  • Offshore hydrogen infrastructure: compression & storage
  • Development of an offshore H2 supply chain using LOHC technology

Hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives – opportunities and risks

Storage in salt caverns and transporting hydrogen via pipelines

Significance of CO2 in a renewable energy system

  • Material and energy-related use of renewable timber resources - not just green CO2 for the fuel sector
  • Green hydrogen and defossilisation on an industrial scale

Hannover Industrial Exhibition 2022

Green Hydrogen Sofa

From April 2022, we were finally able to implement this smaller meeting format again, featuring short keynote speeches by members and external speakers, with six events in total. The following topics formed the basis for lively debate:

  • PEM and AEM electrolysis processes
  • PwC Hydrogen Calculator
  • Use of hydrogen for ground service equipment (Hamburg Airport) 
  • H2 logistics project (Fraunhofer CML) and new energies for rail transport (VTG AG)
  • CCH2 project presentation: new materials and testing procedures associated with hydrogen applications 

In addition to the rather more formal and informative forum, the Sofa repeatedly proved to be a popular evening event for intensive networking and expert debate.

Gröönschnack un lopen and special events

During the summer, we held our “Gröönschnack un lopen” walk & talk format in Hamburg. REH also organised a dual fuel workshop for rail, air and waterborne transport stakeholders. A port workshop by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the involvement of several members in Hamburg’s hydrogen import strategy completed the programme.

The BlueBeach 2022

German Renew­ables Award
German Renewables Award 2022 presented in six categories
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