In terms of energy policy, 2022 promises to be a year of truth. Will it be possible to create new impetus for the expansion of renewable energies, physically bring sector coupling to life and gradually develop a hydrogen economy? Germany’s new government has announced a great deal in its coalition agreement that could enliven and invigorate our industry!

Breathing new life into onshore and offshore wind energy is the top priority for the REH Cluster Agency. But it will also be important to offer constructive support in the forthcoming introduction of the city’s mandatory installation requirements for photovoltaic systems. This must be done to draw on the cluster’s market experience and enable the best possible practical implementation. It will also be important to ensure a hydrogen economy for those sectors that cannot be easily electrified, such as the metal and chemical industries and logistics.

The REH Cluster Agency enjoyed remarkable expansion in 2021 – especially due to the growth in the new hydrogen economy segment – and now has over 210 members. We are confident that this new segment has additional potential to grow and hope to continue driving this trend in 2022. The new EEHH2025 cluster strategy provides an excellent basis for the coming year, and we are looking forward to its gradual implementation!

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